Avarampoo Podi


Avarampoo Podi scientific name is Senna Auriculata and in English it is known as Tanner’s cassia. It’s yellow flowers are used in various preparations.

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Avarampoo Podi is the dried and powdered flowers of Senna Auriculata. It’s english name is Tanner’s cassia. The dried flowers are ground into a very fine powder. It is used for numerous health and beauty benefits.


Avarampoo Podi – Health Benefits

Avarampoo podi This powder can be mixed with curd and face wash powder and used as a face wash. It is used by thousands of Indian women to treat uneven skin, prevent black spots and keep the skin free of blemishes. It increases the glow of the skin and improves complexion. The sweet fragrance of the powder is derived from dried flowers which makes people to use it for removing body odor. The powder treats many skin problems. It is used for dry to normal skin. This powder can be used for almost all skin types. It reduces recurrence of boils and prevents skin infections.

It is used for preparing herbal tea. This tea is rich in antioxidants and is very tasty and a perfect substitute for caffeinated beverages like tea and coffee. The antioxidants keep the body healthy and act like a natural blood purifier. It cools and hydrates the body from inside. It is given to children who play out in the sun to prevent dehydration and reduce body heat. The tea helps with problems like excessive thirst through its hydrating properties. It helps regulate blood sugar levels. It boosts the insulin levels in the body naturally. When taken in an empty stomach it is very beneficial for diabetics.


Avarampoo Podi

Avarampoo podi The tea made with it is a natural remedy for fever in children. It does not have any toxins and chemicals and is an effective and safe remedy for children. This can be used in juice to obtained cure for number of urinary tract problems like painful urination. It has a number of medicinal uses in disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. It has been evidenced to improve liver function and rectify constipation.






Avarampoo Podi has so many benefits for both for health and as a beauty product.

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