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We all want to prepare delicious meals but sometimes we just don’t have the time or the energy to do so. That is why there are ready-to-cook products, which allow you to enjoy a home-cooked meal in minutes with no effort at all. They can buy these products and be assured that they will still get a wholesome, nutritious home cooked meal without any hassle.

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    Gongura Thokku (200gms)


    Gongura pachadi or thokku (pulicha keerai in Tamil / sorrel leaves in English) is a delectable Andhra cuisine delicacy. It is more than appropriate to refer to it as Andhra’s gift to the rest of India! Probably the only leafy vegetable that is consumed freely during the monsoons is Gongura/sorrel leaves.

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    Karuveppilai Thokku (200gms)


    Karuveppilai Thokku (Curry Leaves) is a tamarind-based stew prepared with curry leaves paste and spices. Curry leaf is a mainstay in South Indian cuisine. Served with hot steaming rice and sesame oil, this pickle is delicate. To make pickle, we can’t trash the leaves, therefore we’ll retain them.

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    Sundakai Vathal Kuzhambu Mix (200gms)


    Sundakai Vathal Kulambu Mix is created using our country’s purest spices. It’s a delicate blend of several spices, and a smidgeon of it on a veggie dish is enough to transform it into a gourmet’s joy. Turkey berries are another name for sundakkai. Fresh berries are steeped for a few days in a salt-buttermilk mixture before being dried and preserved for curries.

  • Ready to Cook

    Puliyodarai Mix (300gms)


    Making tamarind rice requires no prior cooking skills and can be done by a novice. This meal is cooked with fresh tamarind paste and boiled or steamed rice. A few other ingredients include curry leaves and groundnuts. Turmeric powder is used to colour the dish.

  • Ready to Cook

    Pirandai Podi


    Pirandai Powder has loads of health benefits. From the flower, fruit, stem and root the whole pant is filled with lot of benefits.

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