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    Barnyard Millet


    Barnyard millet is an excellent source of readily digestible protein that is also low in calories. It’s a grain that makes you feel lighter and more energised when you consume it. Each serving of barnyard millets (25g, raw) has 75 calories and 1.5 grammes of protein. Barnyard millets are unaffected by desiccation, heat, or unfavourable conditions. They also have a high concentration of nutrients as a result of this. Due to their particular features, barnyard millets are beneficial to one’s health.

  • Upcoming Products

    Finger Millet


    Millet, or Ragi as it is more often known, is a staple food in southern cuisine. It is high in minerals such as iron, calcium, and thiamine. It is one of the most beneficial foods for diabetes control, weight loss, and body cooling.

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