Our forefathers ate food made with natural products and lived healthy by having food made by natural products. They were healthy, did not have all the sickness or allergies that we are suffering these days. Well the answer is they ate everything natural. But in the world that we live in now, everything is filled with chemical substitutes. Where there is chemical there is always a side effects. And more often than not these chemicals cause bad side effects. Allergies, cancer and other health hazards are mainly caused by these chemicals.

We are talking about Natural not organic. Both terms have a mile wide difference. Let’s understand what is natural. Natural food is the way nature presents these food products to us. All these food products have a natural shelf life it does not need any chemical or any other external factors to preserve. The problem with food products these days are they are loaded with these kind of artificial preservatives. Even the so called organic products use preservatives to increase the shelf life. The only difference is the percentage of these chemical used to preserve.

All Natural products have a natural shelf life. And our forefathers had a way of preserving it without the help of chemicals. That is what we believe in and that is what we would like provide you with. Natural food in its most natural form. Natural food contains at least twice the nutrition than organic food and we not even mentioning processed food. Natural food retains the essential nutrients and health benefits.


Have you ever wondered why most of the food you does not taste as it used to taste when we were kids. For example, not so long ago when we were kids remember the aroma of your mother making ghee at home. Just few drops of that ghee changes a simple dal meal into an extraordinary feast. But now even if you empty a 100g ghee into your meal it does not even smell like ghee, not to mention the taste. The reason behind this is less tasty and aromatic the more use it. The more you use it the more you buy the more you buy the company get richer. But what about you? You are still wondering about how ghee used to taste when your mother made it at home. There are several more reasons like adulteration, cheaper ingredients and increasing shelf life the list goes on.

Let’s first understand the concept of “wholefoods” versus “fragmented” or processed foods. Processed foods have been stripped of one or more of their original elements, i.e. they are missing valuable nutrients, fibres or water. Not only the nutrients, the health benefits and the taste goes literally down the drain. So what are we eating? Just nothing but chemicals.

Another big conspiracy is the concept of refined food products. In the name of hygiene and refining the food they put these natural food through lot of turmoil and the end product is just nothing. We think more clean is more hygiene and more taste, that is not true. For example, When you buy an apple we usually buy shiny apples just like the ones we see in TV commercials. But do you know that they use wax to make it look shiny. Not only in the commercial even in rack of your store. Another best example is oils, Let’s take Olive Oil. It is supposed to be one of the most nutritious oil but the olives are put through tremendous heat to extract more oil out of it, which is true. But the nutritious value of it gone.


We humans were always dependent on fruits of nature to live. But as technology developed lot of things developed with it too. And lots of thing went spiralling down as well. Especially the food we eat. Today we are completely overridden by chemical substitutes in almost everything we eat today. In nature there is always a purity, safety and nutrition. But today from the water we drink to the food we eat almost everything has chemicals in it. These chemical slowly poison our health and lead to lots of health issues and we end up spending more money for our sickness rather than health.

Microbasket is your magical portal to go back to nature. A lot of care has been put into all of our products to keep all of our products as natural as nature provides it to us. Each and every product is kept as raw as nature can give it to us. So every product retains the nutrition value, health benefits and the taste as natural as possible. To quote an example, let’s take the Olive oil example we use Cold Press technique rather than high heat. In this way whole nutrition and health benefit of the oil is perfectly maintained.


Why natural food is an important question we need to keep asking ourselves everytime we shop for food. How many times do we read nutrition value or the ingredient list on the food package. Most of the time it is the correct info but we don’t bother with it. Each and every natural food has certain nutrients which is very essential for our daily health. And these nutrients have very specific function of keeping in check certain body functions. Let me quote some examples:

  • “Vitamin A” – Is good for eyesight
  • “Vitamin C” – Controls allergens
  • “Protein” – Builds Muscle
  • “Antioxydants” – Regulates lot of thing that are going bad

Food is not just for filling our stomach when we are hungry nor it’s about the taste. It is also about nutrition and health. As we advance in technology our lifestyle also changes. Our boundaries also expand and we see different cultures. Which very beneficial to us in many ways but along with it we have also added so many food practices which is not suitable for us. For instance noodles, it was a nutritious food but now due to lack of time we switched from fresh noodles to instant. Which also means that there are other harmful ingredient in it to reduce cooking time.

Every natural food product has a unique features and nutritional values. That is why at Microbasket. our focus is to preserve the nutrition as good as nature gives it us. Please go through each of our product descriptions to understand what each product is, its nutritional values and health benefits. Unlike organic or factory made food these natural products are at least twice more beneficial for you health. Our only goal is to deliver mother nature straight to your doorstep.

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