There are 6 various methods to get rid of weevils or grain pests from your spices and grains.

Are you alone and having trouble keeping your rations bug-free? Don’t be concerned. Here are some tips for keeping pantry weevils and moths at bay.

You may find this repulsive, yet you have most likely consumed a weevil at least once in your life.

While most people aren’t aware of this, the majority of people have inadvertently consumed the larva, eggs, or a nasty tiny weevil because they’re quite frequent and inevitable.

Infestations of weevils, pantry beetles, flour bugs, and ghuns (in Hindi) may be a major pain for everyone. They infiltrate your pantry and ruin all of your food stores, necessitating treatment.

Bugs in rice

Weevils or ghuns have infected rice.

The monsoon is the optimum time to produce these insects since they thrive in moist, humid environments and can’t be stopped once they start multiplying.

Freeze and kill it: It’s best to store spice and flour sachets in the freezer for four days after purchasing them. Flour, oats, cookies, corn meal, and spices are indeed good fits. This will destroy any larvae and eggs (if any) within the package, as well as prevent further infection. Take it out and put it back in the right place.

Bay or neem leaves: Bay leaf is one of the most effective bug repellents. In containers that are more prone to contamination, bay or neem leaves can be placed within loose flour or rice.

Cloves: If you live alone and are experiencing this difficulty for the first time, this is a perfect solution. Cloves are commonly accessible and will repel pests while also preventing infection. You may also scatter some cloves about your pantry and closet shelves.

Matchbox: It may sound strange, but matchbooks contain sulphur, which repels weevils. Sulphur is not loved by weevils. Weevils will not be spotted if the matchbox is kept open near the grains. Small quantities of black pepper can also be kept in your pantry.

Keep infected grains in the sun: If a considerable amount of flour has been affected by beetles, just place it in the sun. This will drive them away because these bugs dislike sunshine and will seek out a dark, wet environment. You may simply get rid of weevils by exposing tainted flour to sunshine for a day.

Other home remedies: To keep rice pests at bay, use ginger, garlic, or a whole turmeric root inside the rice container.

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