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There are 6 various methods to get rid of weevils or grain pests from your spices and grains.

Are you alone and having trouble keeping your rations bug-free? Don't be concerned. Here are some tips for keeping pantry weevils and moths at bay. You may find this repulsive, yet you have most likely consumed a weevil at least once in your life. While most people aren't aware of this, the majority of people [...]
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The cashew nuts that are slow roasted and hand processed in Tamil Nadu are believed to be the best in quality and the tastiest ever. However today, much of the process is taken over by semi-automated machines. Even then, the best cashews that can be enjoyed with relish are from Tamil Nadu. Cashew can be […]


After years of cooking and making food for family and sometimes treating guests and friends, many people find that that is falling into a pattern. They find that they are repeatedly making their favorite recipes that have won accolades from all who tasted it. Maybe it is time to change the pattern a bit if […]

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