Pirandai Podi


Pirandai Powder has loads of health benefits. From the flower, fruit, stem and root the whole pant is filled with lot of benefits.

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Pirandai Powder has loads of health benefits. Pirandai is a creeper that has lots of medicinal uses and health benefits. The other names for this creeper are “Adamant Creeper / Devil’s Backbone” in English and the botanical name is Cissus quadrangularris and in hindi it is called Hadjot.


Pirandai Powder

Pirandai idli powder It is a popular medicinal plant all over India. It is used in Ayurvedic medicine for ages. It is the best home remedy for treating indigestion, fractures and sprains. It is the best deworming medicine, treats piles and menstrual problems. It helps increase appetite in children who don’t eat well. Pirandai can be pickled, made into chutney or in case of this idli powder it is dried and powdered.




Pirandai Powder

Pirandai idli powder Idli is a flour cake which is mostly dependent on its accompaniment. It is usually had with some spicy sides. And idly powders are one of the best. This Idly powder is a spicy and delicious accompaniment for idylis. Unlike most herbal food item this herbal idly powder is very tasty. More care has been given to the taste keeping in mind to preserve the health benefits of this herb. Just like any idli powder this powder is mixed with gingelly oil, ghee or coconut oil.

This can also be had with variety of foods like idli and dosa. It can also be used as sprinkles for podi dosa. While making dosa after you add the oil or ghee just sprinkle some of this powder for a tasty podi dosa. You can also sprinkle some over the freshly cooked hot idli for a tasty breakfast. It can also be used for seasoning for egg dishes. For example While making sunny side up just season it with some of this power along with salt. This adds more spice and flavor to the recipe.



Pirandai Powder is totally natural, medicinal and helps us in many ways. It is very tasty and spicy and a very good accompaniment for bland food like idli and dosas.

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