Wild Turmeric Soap

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Wild Turmeric Soap can handle many skin problems to help keep your skin soft, smooth and shining. It is a remedy for pimples, sun tan and black spots.

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     Wild Turmeric Soap can handle many skin problems to help keep your skin soft, smooth and shining. It is a remedy for pimples, wrinkles, tanning from Sun tan and black spots. It has antiseptic properties along with being cooling and soothing that can heal your skin and keep it looking fresh and healthy glowing. This Soap is prepared by grinding dried Wild Turmeric into a fine powder. It lighten your skin and helps you get rid of fine facial hairs. It remove excess hair from the face especially the mouth and chin. This soap has natural bleaching properties. It will draw out impurities from the skin and the pores and leaves your skin looking fresh and young. It has essential fats, vitamins and minerals which reduce hair breakage.


Wild Turmeric Soap – Benefits

Wild Turmeric Soap     Using Wild Turmeric for the face and the skin is an age old trick that we still use. It fights infections that cause acne. This soap is good for preventing acne. It helps remove sun tan and gives you a clear and glowing skin. It can be used to exfoliate your dead skin. The scrub removes dead skin cells all over your body. It removes excess sebum and dirt.

     The main benefit of Wild Turmeric is antiseptic and antifungal properties. It helps in preventing skin infections. This is a mineral rich soap helps in clearing the dirt and exfoliates the skin. This property helps your skin to be soft and supple and helps in increasing the fairness.



Wild Turmeric Soap – Benefits

Avarampoo Podi     This is a very good product to have a oil free skin. It removes excess oil from your skin and gives a natural shine. This works great for dark arms and neck. It remove scars caused because of acnes. It is good for dry and flaky skin. This soap has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties and is good for all kind of skin infection. It is the most natural way to fight skin infection.

    This is a natural bathing bar and is perfect for daily use on your face, body or hands leaving your skin soft and smooth. It has an amazing fragrance which helps in relaxing the body, mind and soul.


     Wild Turmeric Soap is the product for a blemish free and glowing skin. And this is a completely natural product so it is completely safe to use for all ages.

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