Panai Sillu Sukku Karupatti

Panai Sillu Sukku Karupatti is commonly known as Palm Jaggery fused along with Ginger. A perfect substitute for refined sugar. It is used as a sweetner.

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Panai Sillu Sukku Karupatti is commonly known as Palm Jaggery fused with ginger. It has all the richness of a natural sweetener and none of the shortcomings of its processed alternatives. To have or not have sugar is a common conundrum witnessed in almost all households. It break the most rigid diet regimes it is obvious that too much sugar is harmful for health. Palm Jaggery is a perfect substitute for refined sugar.


Panai Sillu Sukku Karupatti Health Benefits

Panai sillu sukku karupatti It is a rich source of iron and several other nutrients like magnesium, potassium, and calcium, it is not your usual cup of sucrose. Studies reveal it has 60 times more minerals. It is a storehouse of many vitamins. It’s a perfect sweetener devoid of any artificial substances and full of natural nutrients. Palm jaggery is rich in iron. Its regular consumption increases hemoglobin level and treats anemia. Magnesium in this powder regulates the nervous system.

Regular consumption of Palm Jaggery positively impacts digestive health. By activating digestive enzymes, the sweetener helps with regular bowel movement and cleanses the system. Among many other ailments that palm jaggery helps relieve, cold and cough is the most common one. Added to a warm cup of tea or water, it helps clear the respiratory tract and relieve several symptoms. Full of composite carbohydrates which is easier to digest. After eating palm jaggery you can stay energetic for hours.


Panai Sillu Sukku Karupatti Health Benefits

Panai sillu sukku karupatti Potassium is the nutrient responsible for the weight loss properties of palm jaggery. It helps reduce bloating and water retention, which in turn helps regulate weight. High antioxidant content of this natural sweetener helps to protect body cells from damages caused by free radicals. It is rich in calcium, potassium, and phosphorus. It helps cleaning up your system.

Palm jaggery cleanses the respiratory tract, intestines, food pipe, lungs, and stomach. It helps to wipe out the toxins from the body leaving you healthy and fit. Migraine is the most painful of all headaches. Natural medicinal content of palm jaggery helps to reduce this pain. Just take 1 tsp of palm jaggery and you will experience relief from migraine.



Panai Sillu Sukku Karupatti is a the best replacement for sugar. It is tough to give up white sugar completely. You can alternate sugar with this sweetener. Switch to this natural sweetener like Karupatti powder and Brown Sugar and experience a complete health makeover.

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