Dried Palmyra Root Sprouts Flour

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Dried Palmyra Root Sprouts Flour is an underground sprout of the Palmyra palm or Borassus flabellifer. It is commonly used in Tamil Nadu. It is very starchy, fibrous and rich in protein. is an underground sprout of the Palmyra palm.


Dried Palmyra Root Sprouts Flour Health Benefits

Dried palmyra root sprouts flour One of the best things about sprouts is that they contain an unusually high number of enzymes. This can help boost the various metabolic processes and chemical reactions within the body, specifically when it comes to digestion. The dietary fiber found in the sprouts makes it a very important boost for digestive functions. It stimulates gastric juices, which aid the enzymes already found in sprouts in breaking down food effectively and efficiently. They are a great way to clear up constipation, as well as diarrhea, and can even prevent colorectal cancer.

These sprouts contain a wealth of enzymes that usually aren’t available through food. It contain a significant amount of protein which is the essential part of food that allows our body to perform all of its chemical functions. Protein is necessary for almost all bodily processes. Particularly the creation and maintenance of cells, organ repair, skin regeneration, bone growth, muscle development, and a number of other very important aspects of health. Which means that sprouts are an easy and delicious way to improve the overall functioning and development of your body.


Dried Palmyra Root Sprouts Flour Health Benefits

Dried palmyra root sprouts flour health benefits Anemia is the technical word for an iron deficiency. consume enough food with iron, your red blood cell count drops, because iron is an essential part of red blood cell production. This can result in fatigue, lack of concentration, nausea, lightheadedness, and stomach disorders. And these sprouts are significantly high iron content needed for our body.
Sprouts are one of those foods that are very high in nutrients but very low in calories. This means that you can eat sprouts without worrying about compromising your diet. Furthermore, the fiber in sprouts helps to make you feel full, both by adding bulk to your bowels, but also by inhibiting the release of ghrelin, which is the hunger hormone that tells our mind that we are ready to eat something.



Dried Palmyra Root Sprouts Flour loaded with lots of nutrient and low in calories. Which means that is a very good for weight loss and diet conscious people. So it is a great idea to add this powder along with other powders like Nellikai Powder it to your diet today.

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