Natural Basmati Rice

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Natural Basmati Rice is a type of rice common in Indian and South Asian cuisine. It’s known for its long grains, nutty flavor and pleasant aroma.


    Natural Basmati Rice is a type of rice common in Indian and South Asian cuisine. It’s is a long grains rice with a nutty flavor and pleasant aroma. It is available in white and brown varieties. This rice main ingredient used in Biryani. It the reason for the flavor and richness of this recipe.


Natural Basmati Rice – Nutrition Facts

Natural Basmati Rice    Although the exact nutrients vary based on the specific type of basmati, each serving is generally high in carbs and calories, as well as micronutrients like folate, thiamine, and selenium. One cup (163 grams) of cooked white basmati rice contains:

Calories : 210
Protein 4.4g Fat 0.5g
Carbs 45.6g Fiber 0.7g
Sodium 399mg Folate 24% of the Daily Value (DV)
Thiamine 22% of the DV Selenium 22% of the DV
Niacin 15% of the DV Copper 12% of the DV
Iron 1% of the DV Vitamin B6 9% of the DV
Zinc 7% of the DV Phosphorus 6% of the DV
Magnesium 5% of the DV

In comparison, brown basmati rice is slightly higher in calories, carbs, and fiber. It provides more magnesium, vitamin E, zinc, potassium, and phosphorus.


Natural Basmati Rice Health Benefits

Natural Basmati Rice     It may be associated with several health benefits. Compared with other types of rice basmati is generally lower in arsenic a heavy metal that can harm your health and potentially increase your risk of diabetes, heart problems, and certain cancers. White basmati rice is often enriched, meaning that certain nutrients are added during processing to help boost the nutritional value.

     It is comparable to other types of brown or white rice in terms of nutrients. Very minute variations may exist in the calorie, carb, protein, and fiber counts between specific types of rice. These rice typically harbors less arsenic, which may make it a good choice if rice is a staple in your diet. As a long-grain rice, it’s also longer and slimmer than short-grain varieties. Its nutty floral aroma and soft, fluffy texture work well in many Asian and Indian dishes. It’s a particularly great choice for rice puddings, pilafs, and side dishes.



     Natural Basmati Rice is the most preferred rice for most of the Indian recipes. They have more health benefits like Black rice.

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