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  • Nuts, Seeds & Dry Fruits

    Black Dates


    Black Dates are high in fiber, which may be beneficial for preventing constipation and controlling blood sugar control. Dates contain several types of antioxidants that help prevent the development of certain chronic illnesses. Dates may be helpful for lowering inflammation and preventing plaques from forming in the brain, which is important for preventing Alzheimer’s disease. With so many advantages it is a must have product in every household.

  • Nuts, Seeds & Dry Fruits

    Walnut Without Shell

    • Walnut Kernels not only add crunch and taste to a dish, but they are loaded with nutritional benefits too.
    • They are a rich source of heart-healthy fats and an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Nuts, Seeds & Dry Fruits

    Flax Seeds


    Flaxseeds have a moderate flavour and are widely recognised for their high omega-3 fatty acid content and fibre content. They have a tough outer shell that is velvety and shiny. This seed varies in colour from deep amber to reddish-brown. It has a lukewarm, basic taste. This is grown naturally, without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilisers, or other chemicals.

  • Nuts, Seeds & Dry Fruits

    Almonds (Badam Paruppu)


    Ideal for a nutritious snack. It’s time to be cheerful, gorgeous, and healthy. These are the finest nuts you will ever come across. They are delectably rich and delectably delectable, a healthful delicacy that makes an excellent snack. Almonds are an excellent source of protein, fiber, vitamin E, riboflavin, thiamin, and magnesium. Almonds are high in unsaturated fats which can help to lower cholesterol levels.

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