Dry Honey Gooseberry

Dry Honey Gooseberry is a fruit known for its incredible nutrition benefits. It is known as “Divya Aushada” in Ayurvedic medicine.

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Dry Honey Gooseberry is a fruit and it has incredible nutritional benefits. It is keeps many ailments at bay. Amla is a sour fruit which can leave a bitter taste after eating. It is mostly consumed along with Honey which not only enhances the taste of Amla but also doubles up its benefits. In this article we will discuss the health benefits of Amla and Honey when taken together.


Dry Honey Gooseberry – Health Benefits

Dry honey gooseberry Amla and Honey is a wonderful combination that treats a number of ailments particularly to offer relief from a sore throat, cold, cough and flu. Amla soaked in honey stimulates liver functionality. It helps in better production of insulin. Gooseberry and honey can aid in weight loss and lower cholesterol levels. The combination has wonderful beauty benefits and is prevents signs of ageing and promote healthy skin.

Amla with honey is an effective treatment in aiding better digestion. This mixture produces better gastric juice and digest food properly and stimulates your appetite. It boosts metabolism for faster digestion of food. Amla and honey help in balancing the insulin levels properly to help regulate blood sugar levels. As honey is a natural sweetener and Amla is a cure for diabetes and other blood related ailments. Taking one amla coated with honey that will help you cure your health.


Dry Honey Gooseberry – Health Benefits

Dry honey gooseberry During winter it is a recommended choice of intake an amla and honey preparation will help you keep warm from inside. They boost your immune system to make your body more susceptible to weather changes. Amla is a natural fighter and honey can support it like a wall and when consumed together it prevents infection.

Amla and honey combination cleanses your liver of toxins and help in better functioning. The mixture very effective against the prevention and cure of Jaundice. It balances the amounts of bile juice produced. The high amounts of antioxidants present in it protect the liver from oxidative damage. For men and women who have problems in their reproductive system Amla and honey is the best solution. Amla has the properties of supporting the reproductive tissues and improve the quality of sperm. It helps in strengthening the uterus for a successful pregnancy.



Dry Honey Gooseberry is a very nutritious and healthy combo.

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