Red Round Chilli (Gundu Millagai)


Round, Pesticide-Free Safe Harvest Red Chilli These chilies, which are sourced from farmers in Tamil Nadu, are aromatic and have a strong spicy taste.

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About Red Round Chilli

Our red chili is a must-have in every curry and we’ve curated a variety of ways to cook them. But we don’t stop at curries. You can also infuse these with your favorite spices for a perfect blend that’ll take your dishes to the next level.

If you are looking to cook authentic Indian food, you need the right ingredients. red round chillies are perfect for adding a bit of flavor to your dals or curries, or if you are cooking something spicy, blend them into a chutney. With a fruity aroma and a deep, rich flavor chilies are a favorite for many south Indian dishes.

These chillies have been cultivated in the fertile soil of Tamil Nadu & have been renowned for their gentle heat and aromatic flavor. The red round chilli is sourced from Tamil Nadu, India. Red round chillis are fragrant and spicy with a bold flavor. These are perfect for tadka for dals or curries or blended into chutneys for a delicious depth of flavor and plenty of heat. It also has many health benefits such as Can Promote Weight Loss.

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